I’ve found my favorite song.

And it’s not what you think.

A little background.  My friend Joshwa met me on a night shift and he asked me right away, ” who’s your favorite band?” I learned that he always asked that, and it is a good measure of that person’s tastes.

For me, that is is easy, it’s Rush. 9079bec87b189313d604d6b9722bce1b

But I was asked my favorite song that isn’t Africa, and I couldn’t answer.  I like so many songs.

Well, in my previous assignment I was trying to learn more about a rather imposing fellow named Kurt, and I asked him the band question.  The 1911 carrying, six feet six tall man, whom I respect and miss, gave a surprising and very deep answer!  But this is not his story, so you need to ask him yourself.

download (2)
Yeah, that looks like Kurt. He needs whiter hair though

But it expanded my horizons a bit, I who thought I was so cultured, and I took three years of experience to narrow it down.  I come from a musical family, and my children are all musical.  Luke is singing Star Wars as we speak.  But Kate is a natural piano player.  She learned a song, but after a month of playing it by memory she shifted into the minor key, playing the same song, and it sounded good!  She needs lessons to harness that talent, I am serious!  But her piano playing settled my favorite song.

You see, a piano can reach all the high and low notes, and the resonance of the piano makes it pleasing for me to listen to.  Then, in a fit of fancy, I put on Debussy’s, Au Clair de Lune.  A beautiful piano piece.

And that is my favorite song, and I leave you with this rendition.

6 thoughts on “I’ve found my favorite song.”

  1. A very unexpected choice, but perfect. It has always been a beautiful piece, and has always made me cry. Now even more so.
    Of course, this song is also at the end of Oceans 11.


  2. Funny you should bring that up. I’ve been playing it a lot around here and it is one of my favorites as well.


  3. Night shift conversations with Joey — some of the best times ever! And the best dress code ever 😉 Blue jeans Friday? Nah…blue jeans everyday!

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  4. Rush! The only other person that I know that LOVES Rush and also claims them as his favorite band is my cousin Matt (Fr. Matt…not sure if you remember him.)
    BTW, that song is beautiful!

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