I failed today

So life isn’t all loganberries and daffodils and rainbow farting unicorns!  Sometimes there are legitimate days when you don’t do it right.

Today I had no response to someone who for all I knew sounded serious about someone being “militantly pro-life”, and making it a bad thing.  I knew then I should have said something, I should have told the person that I was militantly pro-life, that I found nothing wrong with it, I should have stood up for what I believe in.  But I didn’t, and in the few seconds that I had to respond the moment was gone, the conversation moved on.  I failed.

Why does it matter?  Well, the statement was about making abortion illegal.  I happen to think that protecting the unborn is of primary importance, but also that abortion is a gateway for many things that are straight evil in the world.  Let’s be plain: killing a baby, the most innocent of humans, is evil.  That it erodes the value of other human life, or human interaction.  That it opens the door to objectifying women, debasing their innate value.  It opens the door for using other people to get what you want, either for personal gain or gains by the state.  If we don’t see the value in the littlest one for whatever reason, then why would we care about the big ones?

When I heard the statement, not only did I feel appalled for the babies, but I felt a death sentence on me.  I am no longer a fully productive member of society.  I can’t function the same without help, and it will only get worse.  I’ve already spoken about how society doesn’t treat disabled as people, well this is the natural progression.  Will I be allowed to live or will I be considered a burden on whomever?  Will they be “just not ready” to deal with me, as we as a society are “just not ready” to have kids yet?  What happens to my friend Matt, with his beautiful family?  And is it just me that is now on the chopping block?  What about my hero Michael?  Is he safe?  What about my many friends that are either sick, or suffering, with cancer or muscular dystrophy?  Are any of us safe?

When you say you’re pro-life, these are the people you are talking about.  It starts with the cell that is a mix of father and mother’s DNA.  It continues with the sick and disabled.  It continues with the healthy.  All human life, no matter how effed up it may be in the eyes of the “normal”, is sacred and worth living.  It’s people, darnit.  (Heck, it’s the reason that “soyulent green” is so repulsive!!). Why do we value it so cheaply?

Why do we say on the one hand that we must pass any law to “protect the children”, yet we slaughter children daily?  Or we say nothing about children killed in other countries?  Why do we swear up and down that healthcare is important, but we won’t allow for expanded access to experimental drugs to those with terminal illnesses (yes I’m talking about “Right to Try”)?  Why are some states ok with assisted suicide but then we struggle with teen depression and suicide?  What the hell is going on???

I should have said something.  One voice, as inept and incompetent as it is, could have at least opened a thought, however small.

I should have said something, but I didn’t.  My silence condemns me.

2 thoughts on “I failed today”

  1. You’re way too hard on yourself Joe. I never know what to say in the moment but if this guy knew you, I’m sure he knows exactly where you stand on the big issues.


  2. I’ve failed to speak up many times in similar situations, so you’re not alone there. It isn’t easy, so let’s keep praying to be witness in the daily circumstances of our lives. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us all! Definitely appreciate your posts and insights.


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