Prototype makers, I need your help!

This is a plea for help making a working, physical prototype, before it’s too late.

Michael Keaton Batman GIF
Batman can’t turn his head

As you may know, I have Head-drop, which makes it hard for me to lift my head when it is down, or hold it up if under a slight directional force, like braking in a  car.

But I have an idea! Continue reading “Prototype makers, I need your help!”

Do you disagree with me?

Another question, Reader-land.

Some of my topics and thoughts I know you disagree with.  That is ok!  But I’m not going to stop speaking on them, so I welcome your comments, feedback, discussions, and disagreements.  Either in the comments or privately with the contact button.  Keep it civil and I welcome the dialogue!

And of course, let me know if you want me to share it on the blog.


The Results are In!

minionHello, Reader-land!  That didn’t take long, there were ZERO votes for a separate blog for all my religious and philosophical posts!

Whatever happens now is your fault!

So, I’ve got some lined up, to talk about the surprise at the house, EV updates, the ALS walk, etc.  And a big one about this crisis in the church with no punches pulled.  You asked for it!

Some have asked for more positive stuff so I’ll try to do that too.

Thank you all for your input!