What do you want to read?

Hello, Reader-land!

I have another post coming, but this one demands response.

What do YOU want to read?  I have so many rants, topics, thoughts, questions, concerns, about so many topics!

Do you want this blog to have all of them, in a one stop shop?  Or would you rather this be personal about ALS only, and take my religious and philosophical posts to another blog?  I need to know, because I have all kinds of thoughts and if you want to hear them I would try to post more.

Please leave a comment with your preferences.

Thank you!

How’ve you been?

IMG_3288Recently someone remarked that my blog has gone on to religious topics, and how was I doing?  And I said to myself, “Self, they are right, I’ve done a really bad job documenting this time in between!”  So thank you for keeping me in line, and here’s what’s been going on!

As well a special thanks to everyone who has been helping us, family and in-laws, parents and friends.  I’d name you all but I don’t want to leave anyone out.

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