EV updates!

everstwheelchair1933Hello, Reader-land!  I hope you are well.  I am eager to share this latest post as the next EV post will be the reveal!  I want to take you on my journey of this process, and share with you the wonderful people who built and supported this! Continue reading “EV updates!”

So much many things…

proxy.duckduckgo.comFirst, thank you all for your kind words of affirmation.  I am being honest in these posts, which I guarantee will be used as defense of my Cause for Sainthood, and why I’m NOT a saint, but I’ll be fair and say it is cathartic to share with others.

But so much is going on. Such opinion.  So talking!  I don’t know what to start with! wowsuchopinion

Maybe a big positive first, to share my joy with you?  Yeah I’ll do that!