Wheelchair Update, and questions?

Wheelchair no, strike that.  We are gonna call it an ELECTRIC VEHICLE.

Jack Z is amazing.  He’s taken an idea and is making it a reality, dealing with ME and my incompetencies and engineering his own solutions to problems!  I’d like to share them and ask you all what you think about some things. Continue reading “Wheelchair Update, and questions?”

Campion’s Brag

When I was a younger lad, my mother gave me a book to read about this English guy named Edmund Campion.  I didn’t know anything about him, but I was sure it was a saint book because my Mom always had saint books for me.Campion

When I became a man, I found a podcast called “Campion’s Brag“, by my friends and holy mentors at “Catholic Stuff You Should Know”.  I’m blatantly ripping them off for this topic, but I asked permission and they are worth listening to every week!  Continue reading “Campion’s Brag”