Wheelchair Update, and questions?

Wheelchair no, strike that.  We are gonna call it an ELECTRIC VEHICLE.

Jack Z is amazing.  He’s taken an idea and is making it a reality, dealing with ME and my incompetencies and engineering his own solutions to problems!  I’d like to share them and ask you all what you think about some things.

Ok, so questions first.  Do you think that a self-driving electric vehicle (EV) is worthwhile?  Like, on sidewalks?  Or houses?  Do you think that a heavy machine would do well to have sensors that help it avoid hitting walls or people or animals?

I do.

Now, with all the self-driving car tech out there… why not EVs?  Not just a wheelchair, but an electric vehicle?  I’m using that term to avoid Medicare and Insurance bullcrap that all the lawyers control if you call it a “durable medical device” or wheelchair.  

So there are companies that do this autonomous driving thing…  Let me list some of them: Audi, Tesla, Uber, Waymo, Toyota, Mercedes, Honda, VW, BMW…  Would ANY of them be willing to go in on this design idea?  Anyone?  I’m legitimately asking for help…

Ok, on to the EV.  First off, we have tires, back and front:

Then Battery shift to new orientation and battery box:


Then, the 7.5mph motors (with programming and LifeP0 batteries, should be able to get to at least 13mph…)


And footplate mounting designs!

Foot Rest AssemblyFoot Rest Assembly copy

Now, your thoughts.

2 thoughts on “Wheelchair Update, and questions?”

  1. I agree EV on sidewalks and home are so worth it and will come to fruition. Mobility is a great thing and the technology is there to offer that to EVERYBODY!! I reiterate what I said before car guys are awesome—keep up the good work Jack Z. and here’s to sidewalk domination!!!


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