Out of a PICC-le

Well, well, well…

Today I took a shower without the rubber waterproof sleeve for the first time in 10 months.  IT WAS GLORIOUS!

You know that feeling of an itch you can’t scratch, or a cast that comes off, or straightening up after a long flight?  That good feeling?  Yeah, it’s like that.

Don’t forget, I nearly passed out when they put this thing in…

The Hopkins nurse came at 1030.

Suiting up for battle

And yes, I’m finally embracing Hawaiian shirts again.  I don’t even care!  I am comfortable!

That little purple thing…


No, seriously – that little purple thing!  38cm long, and teeny… and I almost passed out.  I’m a wimp.



Kate wanted to watch, and get in on the action!


It’s out.  I’m out if a PICC-le… get it?  Special thanks to my photographer, Melanie!!

Pool coming at some point, not sure when yet.

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