Emotional music

I have my sister’s family to blame for this post.  They are going to the beach and making a road trip cd, and I wanted to share one song that if everyone learns the lyrics, is a fantastic road trip song.  And then I went too far down the rabbit hole. Continue reading “Emotional music”

A “real me” post.

I identify as a sloth.  There, I told you.  DNA treatments are beginning to take effect, that is why I am so slow.

No, I mean really real. I have to say this because I just feel like you have the wrong impression of me. Continue reading “A “real me” post.”

When determination is mission focused

I’ve made no secret that my favorite F1 team is Williams Grand Prix Engineering, led by Sir Frank Williams and his daughter Claire.  But I want to dive into why I like them, especially when I could put a sweet Ferrari sticker on Lively and everyone would recognize it.  It’s their focus on the mission.  Continue reading “When determination is mission focused”

What do I say to my daughters?

In many ways, this is much harder for me to write, in that I am not a woman and can never fully understand.  It’s easy to have tough love from father to son.  But as a father, I want to protect my daughters like a lion protects the pride. Continue reading “What do I say to my daughters?”

Forgive and forget, or Let it Grow

Heard that before?  Yeah, I bet you have, and it is quite trite at this point.  Let’s be honest with ourselves, we don’t do this.  Oh, you do?  Do you let people be who they are now, or do you always remember how they were as a teenager or young adult? Continue reading “Forgive and forget, or Let it Grow”