Odds and ends

Odds And Ends Stock Photos & Odds And Ends Stock Images ...My apologies, Reader-land, for the delay.  Many much things have happened since the last post, but unfortunately I haven’t been in the mood to write.  No, I’m not on the edge, just in a little rut.  But, because I love you, I’ll share some of what happened before I get on to the big stuff. Continue reading “Odds and ends”

Part 3, or what happens when I’m off my meds

I’m going to commission a stained glass window at All Saints, Antique Church Stained Glass Windowabove the entrance on the side with the wheelchair ramps.  It’ll be me in my wheelchair, the EV, as the patron of the disabled in the parish.  We’ll have it up in a few months, no big deal.  I  think it will really capture my humility.

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