Awesome People

I left the house today.  The fumigators were overdue to clean my office, so maybe this was all a conspiracy!  But I had to go to work to renew my ID.

Y’all remember the last time this happened, I had Lively, I complained about the accessibility, I got my arm ripped off, etc.  This time I asked for help from a coworker who is more like a sister, who spent a year with me on shiftwork, and who has handled every situation masterfully.  “Kristen, I need help!”  Then boom, I had an appointment, an accommodations rep, and the promise of a hug.  I just needed to get there.

I had an offer from one brother, but he couldn’t do today, so I asked Joey, again imposing on his generosity, to drive, and Mel rode in the back and held my head.  yes, just to hold my head.  That’s only the car ride, she also had to drive the wheelchair, translate what I said, and be my arms to get the fingerprint and PIN.  And she did it after I woke her up a bunch!

I want to post this tonight, so I will skip the actual ID, because it went well!  I’m super excited to share that my friends came to see!  Kristen and Rich were on shift with me and made me look good.  And let me tell you, a year of shift work with the same awesome people creates a very special bond.  I can’t tell how special these people are to me, I’m actually crying right now!  And then Sam, Alex, Alan, and Doug from my old office and branch, all the happy, stressful, and downright silly moments!  I work from home, and I miss my friends so much.

Thank you all for impacting my life! IMG_2431

I will never be able to make up the 17%, but I am so honored, Alex!

The ID took twenty minutes or so, then we hung out for almost a half hour.  Customer support was probably confused, but I didn’t care, because friends!  Of course I wore the Ferrari shirt Doug gave me, forever on my badge.  And of course my friends noticed the “US Chair Force” mod on the back of the wheelchair.  And I enjoyed the panicked misunderstanding of me asking Doug how his bathroom remodel is, because everyone knows how much trouble it is with me and bathrooms!  Mel put it on a list of words I’m forbidden to say outside of the house in casual conversation. 84022553

Overall, this trip was 1000 times better than last time.  This is what friends do!  And I’m blessed with family and friends!

5 thoughts on “Awesome People”

  1. Really glad Alex bumped into me in the hall. letting me know you were going to be in Workforce Support. Fantastic getting a chance to see you again……though I think the (Ch)Air Force definitely made my day. Be well, my friend….you’re in my thoughts!


  2. I am very proud of you for your heroic courage I would have been proud to battle at your side. I pray for you daily my friend. Bill Coy


  3. Everytime I read your posts it brings a smile to my face and a few tears but mostly smiles.
    Granddaughter Audrey last time asked “what does Joe say today” I keep it simple since shes six like smile and friends are great….lol.
    It never ceases to amaze that you type all of these with just your eyes.


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