That took me way too long

Reader-land, I’m fairly open with you, even sharing my embarrassing moments.  Maybe oversharing.  But I do it to share joy and to keep it real.  This is just a story of taking too long.

E4_HEEL-TREAD_IndieGogo_CollectionFW16_2000xMy whole life I have worn socks.  I strongly dislike going about the house barefoot, and in my 37 years I’ve had soft feet.  I attribute it to carpet and wearing socks.  I even have racing-inspired socks.  In our house we have wood floors and it’s fun to slide around.

Since ALS, I have had to curtail the socks.  I mean I have to go barefoot, and have done for almost a year.  And my feet get cold.  Last year Mrs Neighbors gave me thick-lined socks and they were great for warmth, but they would get twisted and become a reason I can’t wear socks.  Can you guess what it is?


external-content.duckduckgoI have almost fallen more times during transfers because my feet are slippery.  With socks I’d have died already.  Even barefoot, if it’s cold, I need time to warm.  The solution is clearly non-slip socks, right?  No, because they get all twisted too and are unreliable, and also a fashion disaster.  So I have sat, with cold feet, barefoot, for months now.

Until Friday.  I went on amazon and searched non-slip socks for men.  And I found that apparently, yoga practitioners have a problem with feet slipping and there are athletic non-slip socks!!!  Eureka!!!717hNeTkRxL._SL1000_

Yes, God can bring good from yoga.

I have very little to complain about them, because Mel can get me up without any slipping and that is a huge deal.  My legs go stiff and immobile when I start to slip.  I can’t control it, and any attempt to move them results in the rest of my body getting out of shape.  Keep that in mind when you have to transfer someone, or when you hear about me falling.

The socks make walking more difficult because I can’t slide the feet, which has led to other problems, so I am still unsure.  And Mel is not sure either, which is the important part!

3 thoughts on “That took me way too long”

  1. Joe,
    Your everyday challenges just make me feel like my complaints are so petty. I hope the socks help. As my mother used to say, “offer it up” even things like cold feet. Make use of our suffering and sacrificing.
    Keep fighting! Keep the faith! Keep your socks on!


  2. You have no idea how useful this information is! I have taken to putting one shoe on dear spouse in the bed so he can transfer safely. This sounds like one small well-gripped step for mankind!


  3. Something good can come out of yoga. Who knew. Thanks for sharing. Tim still wears his mustard yellow hospital nonslip socks from a couple years ago. He lovess them. They may be practical but sure ugly. But hey, whose really looking at socks anyway.


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