Kill me first

*UPDATE* on 2 February.  This morning this article was updated, and it falls into my blog thoughts.   I pray when the forced killing comes, I have the strength of the heroes I talk about in my post.

I recently wrote to my priest friends, you know, the school I was expelled from.  I said to Fr Jared that I worry about raising my kids in today’s society.  I said, “please God they come for me first. ” I will explain at the end.

This might not be a happy post, but I will not be silent. Continue reading “Kill me first”

About me

dampemotionalhairstreakbutterfly-max-1mbI did a question session like a year ago now, but I still feel that there are some things you don’t know about me, Reader-land, and you might want to.  So, be honest, are you reading, and are there any questions you would like to ask?  Leave a message in the comments with your question. I will answer it in the next post.