Where have I been?

I finally broke down and started watching some of the Marvel hero movies.  I’d seen Iron Man, but no others.  My sister had spoken about them, and so I decided to take the plunge.

I’m still typing with the mouse, so I’m extra slow.  And I have been slightly depressed, which made me not want to do anything at all, including my work, and during the afternoons after work hours, I watched movies.  Yup, not praying or something constructive, movies.  I’m backsliding in my Faith.

I still prefer Green Lantern, but one of the things I love about Marvel is that for the most part, the heroes are human first, and the character arc develops the humanity.  The power comes later, and it takes using humanity to become a hero.  They can’t just put on a suit, they have to become heroes without the power first.  Which is the same thing Green Lantern goes through.  Superman is a boy scout forever, they can only make him evil because he has no character to grow.  He’s one dimensional.

Anyway, I really enjoyed the whole arc.download (1)

I haven’t seen them all yet, but I will tell you I loved the Ant-Man movies.  Partially because I think Evangeline Lilly looks like Mel, but also because they told great stories without having to add a sex scene!  I mean, they are ubiquitous!  Nope, in these movies, it was about character, not nudity.  Even the Wasp’s outfit was distinctly feminine, and covered her whole body!  Then they go away from the trope that all divorced couples hate each other.  They give positive reinforcement instead of making it all emo.

Generally, I was impressed by the lack of decolletage for all the characters In the MCU.  Well, they objectified Thor, but no gratuitous sex, nudity, and skimpy outfits.  Well done, Marvel, that is how you do it!  We go along with the characters developing, and they don’t need to have the females sleeping around.  (Wonder Woman did it too, c’mon DC!)

That was going to be it.  I know I am ten years too late, I was just going to talk with TT about them, because we can relate.

Then the big game happened.

I actually saw the leather-clad JLo bit.  The number of sexual gestures and nearly real touching herself was obscene.  And I’m not sorry to say that I don’t allow porn in my house, and I don’t want JLo to influence my sons to treat women like that, nor do I want my girls to learn to act that way.  To my sons, godsons, and confirmandi, this is not the way to treat women.  If I get to heaven and I see any of you treating women that way, I’m going to beg God to let me give you nightmares.

Let me get it out there that both women are beautiful, and embracing their feminine sexuality is not something to be shamed.  We are not puritans or prudes.  God made us in His image, and we are designed for that unitive and procreative reality.  Sex is not bad!

There is a difference, however, between tasteful and vulgar or lewd.

I go back to the MCU.  Somehow, they were able to make a badass good girl without resorting to porn.  Wasp, she is strong, confident, and feminine, owning the feminine while not exploiting sex as the only thing.  There is a romance in the movies, but it isn’t the only focus of the main characters.  It’s tastefully done!  There was no need to have her scantily clad.  Jeans and a sweater!  Seriously, it’s not that difficult!

Seriously!  Jeans and a sweater! 

I guess that is where I have another rant about why every close relationship does not need to be sexual!  Dammit!


3 thoughts on “Where have I been?”

  1. Joe—I agree and like the Marvel movies for those same reasons. I think watching movies that help you contemplate the good, true, and beautiful can lead to good meditations about God too.
    Have you ever watched The Incredibles? I think you are Mr. Incredible. You have hidden super powers. 🙂
    I’ll pray my rosary tonight for you and offer Mass for you and your family tomorrow. Hang in there, Joe.

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  2. I haven’t commented in a while , because I am always kicked out of wordpress…its quite annoying! But i reset and logged in; i know its not really that much work to request a pw reset and then reset your password but each time is super irritating.. I am a huge Marvel fan and I couldn’t agree more with your take on the Wasp…I really like EL. But I don’t think any of the movies in the Marvel series are very sexual or try to capitalize on sexuality. Each character is good and quite moral.
    I miss you Joe and I pray for you and the fam often…i need to more.


  3. I also love the Ant-Man movies! Get to see guys trying to repair relationships with their respective daughters. Trying to own their mistakes. Be good dads. Its a rather uplifiting theme I thought was very different from other superhero movies.

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