5k Run/Walk With theSaints

The annual 5k event, Running with the Saints, is happening this year on March 21st.  It’s an important event!  The link to sign up is https://runsignup.com/Race/VA/Manassas/RunningWiththeSaints

and I will tell you why! Continue reading “5k Run/Walk With theSaints”

Brutal reminders

Normally we don’t think about our own death, do we?  The Catholic Church encourages meditation on the four last things: death, judgement, Heaven, and hell.  But we often forget and think it is far away.  Then comes a brutal reminder of our mortality. Continue reading “Brutal reminders”


like butterflies keep buzzing round my head…  Play the whole song, sound on!

So I have been pretty down in the last couple posts and generally not motivated to post.  I had a plan to write about my son, my visit to Hopkins, assisted suicide again…

Well, I’m not gonna.  I’m gonna have a sandwich! Continue reading “Distractions…”