Push the button, Max!

A funny thing happened during the rosary the other day!

My family loves the movie, The Great Race.  We grew up watching it, with the ingenious spoofs of other movies and general hilarity.  “Push the button, Max” is something we are all familiar with.   In a bit I will share a clip that I thought of during this event.

Well, we are in the Thanksgiving portion of the Rosary novena, and every evening my family gathers around to pray over me.  My sister Jess would not approve.  I was in Rocinante, the blue Permobil wheelchair, because Lively was in the shop.  Rocinante has all sorts of things, tilt, recline, footrest, raise and lower, all EeElectronic, and controlled by the joystick.

Anyway, this particular night I was feeling humorous and I had Jack turn on the electronics.  When they gathered in silent prayer, I slowly began to raise the seat higher and higher, and I made the choir holy music sounds as I did, telling the kids how they were lifting me up in prayer!  It is a wheelchair ALS Dad joke, and I am not sorry!  I’m pretty sure the kids laughed.

But that got me thinking about this scene, and comparing Rocinante to the car in this scene.

All the gadgets and gizmos!

the protagonist has a very different car compared to the Hannibal Twin 8, it doesn’t have all the gadgets and gizmos, it’s just an awesome car.  Behold, the Leslie Special. Lesliespecial

As a kid, you can guess that I liked the one with all the gadgets, right?  But the times have changed!  First off, just think about all the things that can and will go wrong with everything.  Just like the blue wheelchair.  Then it tries to do everything all in one, just like the blue wheelchair.  And last, it’s not excellent at its primary purpose, just like the blue wheelchair!

I’m going to let you in on the secret.  I prefer the white car! leslie-special

Lively is like the Leslie Special.  Exceptional build quality, phenomenal craftsmanship, and excellence of purpose.  She’s comfortable, fast, light, and efficient!  She is a power wheelchair that excels at her primary function and doesn’t compromise to do other things.  img_3722

The blue wheelchair is trying to do everything, and does none of it well!  I have to use it, but I am in more pain after using it than before.  And it weighs double!

But like the movie, it can rise above, and that is always good for a laugh!

Elf on a shelf! 

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