There is a movement on Facebook right now to raise awareness of ALS, using intimate and vulnerable photos of patients and caregivers to get your attention.

As the hashtag implies, the pictures are Naked. So here we go…

As much as I’d love to give you all a pinup calendar of in my birthday suit, I will refrain, spare you the manliness and hulking biceps, save

Drinking With the Monks Wall Calendar - 2018 Feast Days ...
Catholic pinup calendar

you a fortune in eye bleach, and address the underlying issues.  (If you want the pinup calendar, donate $20 to Archbishop Vigano and SHAME ON YOU!)

This movement was shared to me via Contagious for a Cure, underscoring that if ALS was contagious, they would fund more research. and have a cure.  For real, there is more money in Susan G Komen society for breast cancer, including partnerships with the NFL,NFL Pink: Breast Cancer Awareness Promotions - ePromos ... and I have a terminal illness way more complex than breast cancer.   Not to knock breast cancer, but there are a ton of dollars there already!

Ok, so this movement uses pictures of patients, and most of them seem to be quite sad.  Talking about bed sores, ventilators, allergies, paralysis, etc.  Very depressing and sad stuff, the very real painful side of ALS.  From this perspective, I agree that people need to see the reality, to not have a sanitized view of illness that we all have.  I fully support the efforts to bring attention.  I will join in a different way.

What this movement doesn’t address is the mental side of ALS.  Yeah, the hidden side.  This ties in to my assisted suicide post from before.  To actively choose to end the life of someone, because it is a mercy on their suffering, it does NOT address the mental side.  So, from someone who is in the middle of ALS, here’s my take on #alsnakedtruth.

Maybe I am delusional, I don’t care.  minionI have my share of crippling depression, when I feel and think how much better my family would be without having to accommodate my illness.  I think of going to live in assisted living, or even worse, just giving up.  Why should my children suffer, watching me slowly deteriorate?  Why should Mel have to go through it?  Let me die and ease the pain.  Wow, sounds like I want to kill myself, doesn’t it?  Claire Wineland had a Ted talk where she addressed how much being sick sucks.  It sucks!  Being terminal is terrifying, how can we deal? Why is there suffering!?!?!?

I already answered that, in the problem of pain.

I was recently told by a friend who’s husband also has ALS, that she hoped I was not giving up.  It brought up many interesting thoughts and feelings.  And ties now directly in to the Showboys hashtag.

You see, I’m dying.  The end.  DONT TAKE LIFE TOO SERIOUSLY AFTERALL NO ONE GETS OUT ...The only hope that I have for this life with this disease is that I gave a chance for the research to save the next person’s life.  Otherwise, I’m fighting against the inevitable.  Nothing is “written” death comes to everyone.  There is no survival ratio for life, as much as we fear death.  That means either life has meaning and purpose in itself, or none of it matters.

Ok, so how does this tie in to naked pictures?  Life.  If I focus on all that is sad, or painful, or burdensome, then I devalue the life that I have.  I take away that which is good and replace it with a selfish focus on my own problems, disregarding others, and making sure I live the mantra of “life sucks, then you die”.  But, there is another side.

So, here’s my #alsnakedtruth.  I am loved.  I am held up by my family, friends, neighbors, coworkers, Reader-land, All Saints, the Malta family, Alstdi, ALSA, the stranger at Disney who is praying for me, the bishop in Kazakhstan who is praying for me, and on and on!  Sickness sucks, but the kindness of a coworker sending a note to say Hi, the hug of a child, the conversation with a neighbor, even Facebook discussions with people, does that suck?  No, it is beautiful.  You can’t realize how much the simple things show love unless you stop focusing on yourself and the negative.

My #alsnakedtruth is Jack Z building the most beautiful wheelchair, is Luke sitting with me, img_3427is my Jack getting into cars, Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people standing and car my Grace and Kate dancing,Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people standing and outdoor Mel being beautiful and what makes this family tick and stay together.Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people standing, sky and outdoor  It’s getting out when I can,Image may contain: 27 people, including Peggy Gregory, Tommy Reynolds, Theresa Gregory Nava, Fuzzy  Reynolds and Lauren Zedek, people smiling, people standing, sky, child and outdoor listening to others and not talking, enjoying things that are beautiful, true, and good.  Including beer, the best in the world.  Yeah, there will be bedsores, and pain and depression, but also great joy.  So I want to share that part of ALS.  I hope others will too!

And here’s my pic…


9 thoughts on “#Alsnakedtruth”

  1. –wow Joe! So much to ponder, thank you for this post.

    And the “bear naked” picture at the end.😂

    God bless your sense of humor! And God bless you (and us, through you) for sharing your thoughts.


  2. Tim was home from school today with an ankle bleed. He joined his cross with all that you and Mel are going thru. Thank you for your naked thoughts and emotions


  3. Hey Joe,
    Let me start out by channeling my inner Joel Osteen for you…“I DECLARE breakthroughs are coming in my life, sudden bursts of God’s goodness. Not a trickle. Not a stream. But a flood of God’s power. A flood of healing. A flood of wisdom. A flood of favor. I am a breakthrough person and I choose to live breakthrough minded. I am expecting God to overwhelm me with His goodness and amaze me with His favor. This is my declaration”….Joel Osteen

    Side thought….If I take “I and me” from that quote and replace it with “you” Is it still a Joel quote? If I leave “I and me” in as I did, would Joe think this declaration is for me? Would Joe think I’m having a Kanye moment and making his post about me somehow? Hmmm….

    Anyway, I will admit that I am ignorant when it comes to ALS. I was honestly in denial about your illness until I started reading your posts a few weeks ago. I continue to think, hope, and pray that if Stephen Hawking can live for almost a half a century with his ALS, then SO CAN JOE! I can’t begin to imagine what you are going through mentally but the next time you’re feeling delusional or depressed or thinking your family would be better without having to accommodate you, shoot me a text, post a message or whatever so I can channel my inner Joel for you! OR, I can start back sending you Zen quotes and Shouts of Nothingness!


  4. Thank you for your post Joe. And there are prayers coming to you from “so chuck in Hawaii” too! Best to you and your family!!


  5. Thank you for your post Joe. And there are prayers coming to you from “so chick in Hawaii” too! Best to you and your amazing family!!


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