Who Farts on an Airplane, redux

I had my two week follow up to the lumbar injection up at Umass this past Thursday.  This was a strange feeling,

A delay in National

as Mel had major surgery on Friday before and couldn’t really do much.  So Joey volunteered to be my escort on this trip, with plans of beer, jokes and Volturno’s pizza. Continue reading “Who Farts on an Airplane, redux”

ALS Clinic – Subtlety lost in the rain

We went up to Hopkins for my clinical eval today.  I like going up there, seeing all the people who have dedicated their professions to trying to help people like me, but sometimes it can be burdensome.  Interesting, but burdensome.  I have a feeling I’m not like other ALS patients… Continue reading “ALS Clinic – Subtlety lost in the rain”

The Journey Begins

This is a very serious, very sober, take on ALS and all it’s challenges and problems.  I feel that no one out there truly categorizes ALS in their blogs….

Just kidding.  I can’t even type that with a straight face!  No, this won’t be serious, this will be a highly irreverent, stereotype busting, REAL look at life after the ALS diagnosis.  Because when I went into that office, I was living a regular life.  When I left, I was already a marked man and treated as symptom and not a person.  I’m here to tell you there is a lot of time that happens after the diagnosis.

And I’m not dead yet!

Thanks for joining me!

I like the sound of “Lou Gehrig’s Disease”. It has a strong, masculine, athletic ring to it.
— Venerable Father Al Schwartz