What do you want to read?

Hello, Reader-land!

I have another post coming, but this one demands response.

What do YOU want to read?  I have so many rants, topics, thoughts, questions, concerns, about so many topics!

Do you want this blog to have all of them, in a one stop shop?  Or would you rather this be personal about ALS only, and take my religious and philosophical posts to another blog?  I need to know, because I have all kinds of thoughts and if you want to hear them I would try to post more.

Please leave a comment with your preferences.

Thank you!

9 thoughts on “What do you want to read?”

  1. I like reading about how you are doing of course, but I also really enjoy reading what you’re currently interested in whether that be issues today or just what you enjoy as entertainment or for a laugh. What tickles your sense of humor kind of posts are probably my favorite.


  2. I like the mixture – it seems more holistic and helps me see all of you, which I enjoy. You have many insights and when I read them, I am iven much to ponder…on all topics!!


  3. I like to share stories w others who are unfamiliar w your type of life and the struggles you may have that could bring hope to others and also influence others to be prolife. You have a platform that can change peoples minds and hearts.
    Also I would share a picture or quote that you post on Instagram to influence people as well. I have aetheists friends and family members so anything that proves our dignity and worth to God is very important.


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