Prototype makers, I need your help!

This is a plea for help making a working, physical prototype, before it’s too late.

Michael Keaton Batman GIF
Batman can’t turn his head

As you may know, I have Head-drop, which makes it hard for me to lift my head when it is down, or hold it up if under a slight directional force, like braking in a  car.

But I have an idea! headmaster-collar-sizeOk, I have the Headmaster collar, which holds the head up along the jaw, and scapula.  Not very comfortable, and prevents me talking or eating.  All the jaw ones are like this, and I don’t think that is a solution.

Then on the market there are a series of straps and head supports that either are kind of impractical, or lock you in to one direction, like Batman, or are designed for wheelchairs, and I am not there yet.  Pictures and links to follow.

Drop head system.  Elastic, and the right idea, but huge, and obtrusive, and ugly.
Same system, but with a hat.
I’m Batman.  Did you see how he couldn’t turn his head, in the gif?  That’s this brace.


once in a wheelchair full time, maybe

All of these are good.  A great start.  I’d only call one of them pretty though.  So my idea combines the overhead strap with shoulder support, but holds the head with elastic straps, either fastened to a band or hat, and fastened at the BACK, which allows for head turning.  I got the idea from racing (where else), they have a device DESIGNEDctrp_0408_02_z+racing_safety_equipment+hans_device

to hold the head up in a high speed crash.  It’s called a Hans Device, my NASCAR friends know what I’m talking about!

So you see, it attaches to the back of the helmet.  So, instead of a helmet, mount the buckle on a cap or head band device. (I say that so I won’t wear a hat in church).  Then, instead of a full rigid device, only have a small bit behind the head for the straps, and then just like a should strap to hold it.  That way, you could wear it under a shirt or jacket, sitting or standing, and relatively lightweight if shoulder straps made with mesh!r3-contoured_2012

This might work. The strap would have to be elastic

The elastic straps to the head are to aid lifting the head, and I think it would work as that thick strap in the beginning.  The two bottom pics are close!  Make the top rigid part out of fiberglass or light polymer and boom!

VOELUX 878678678 Tresalto Adjustable Figure 8 Back Posture ...

So how do I start making this!?  Prototyping I mean?  I will use my own cap as experimental posts for the straps!


6 thoughts on “Prototype makers, I need your help!”

  1. Joe – what about someone attending George Mason or Christiandom in an Engineering program? Fr. James Searby is Chaplain at Mason – he might be game. xx

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  2. HI Joe, every time I read your blog, you are inventing a new device. I love your originality and perseverance. I know these types of helmets would really help and allow for more independence. One day your inventions will aid many afflicted with this horrible disease. I hope you experience the success and fruits of all your labors!!

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