(non) Stairway to heaven

Now that song is stuck in your head!  Ha Ha!fullsizeoutput_1140

During our trip to Massachusetts, my family and community conspired to surprise us again.  I find that when one is ill, there is a lot of planning, and plotting… and possibly scheming, that goes on without one’s knowledge.

Case in point, Joey managed to schedule and coordinate and line up help for the project, not telling us everyone involved and keeping materials away from the house.  He does that normally at his day job, but really showed his talent on this small-scale project.  There’s a plug for his boss.

What is the project, you ask?  In time friends, in time.  Like the Led Zeppelin song, it has to build up to a crescendo.

While Mel was out on Tuesday, kind men swooped in and in the course of about 20 minutes had the first part installed.  The children loved watching from the window, but I didn’t get to see because going up and down stairs is hard, and I was upstairs.  The noises were glorious, and I will thank the builders by name as best I can.

Joey also came to discuss what would happen the next day and to wash his hands of all the blood from the sticker bushes we have out front. Image I told him he could trim them and warned him that they had thorns but he forgot.  I guess don’t tell his boss that part.   I feel bad.

While we were gone, a family friend and church friend came to finish up the project and had it all done by that evening.  Well, he probably had it done sooner but we weren’t home so I don’t know!  And by this point I was flat on my back, being boring to my wife and brother, so you are lucky I know any of this.

Ok, now the reveal.  I can’t buy a stairway to heaven, so they built me a ramp! And it’s the best ramp I’ve ever walked up and down!  More on that part later.

IMG_4177Seriously, the ramp is amazing!  We got home Thursday night, and I was so surprised!  The run isn’t too steep, the platform goes right up to the front door, and I was able to walk up, in the dark, and it was amazing!  And you cant see it from the street.IMG_4178

Thank you, Mr Scheetz and Dominic and Gabriel Scheetz, and Mr O’Hanlon!  And Joey for project managing!  Thank you to my family and two Anonymous donors who paid and the work!IMG_5920IMG_4176

Now, about that other part.  You see, no deed is without fault.  The REAL problem is that I have yet to roll up and down the ramp.  Yes, I haven’t been able to, because Isabel is stuck in the garage!  Our door spring broke, Tuesday night, so violently that the house shook, and the repair guys haven’t come yet.  So I ask forgiveness for the lack of review from a wheelchair or EV perspective.

Seriously I love you guys.  Then there was this pic of Luke breaking it in, and I melt.IMG_4179

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