We’re Shippin up to Boston


I’m not a HUGE Dropkick Murphy’s fan, but it’s fitting for this case.  Tuesday is our rescheduled trip up for the second Wistah visit, flying out at 730 and coming back by 6pm which is a lot better than last time.  Small victories.

I think I’ll need to sign new paperwork agreements up there and update them on my condition – the fall(s), how I’m eating and moving around, etc.  I don’t think I’m doing terrible but I think this last month has brought another decline period.  I think it goes in stages, so now I have to figure out what stages they are!

Thank you all for the prayers and support!  We couldn’t do any of this without you all and your help!  Mel and I were talking earlier today and we agreed that in this state, God is going to take care of us, because we can’t do it alone and all the loving prayers on earth help us get through it all!

I’ll try to live tweet/blog on the trip, if reader land likes it.  I’m a late twitterer, so forgive my old man Twitting.

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