Day 4, Part 3: The Grotto

awvdp59csvq7wkw3xwmx2w.jpgAfter dinner, we have free time.  Usually this is the time you can take to walk around or go have a drink or the knights and dames get time off from their malades and can enjoy themselves.  I think it’s an unwritten rule, actually.  I could have asked them to take me places in the voiture, but I didn’t feel like that was right. Continue reading “Day 4, Part 3: The Grotto”

Weekend ordinations


Please pray for my friend Brother Timothy Danaher, OP, who will be ordained to the priesthood TOMORROW May 19!

Brother Timothy is a behind the scenes member of the Catholic Stuff You Should Know.  I was lucky enough to meet him in person in DC this past year, and read some of his writings online (see the link.). He is blessed with the ability to think deeply in the charism of Dominicans!

I love to see another good Dominican joining the priesthood.