…in the luxurious corner booth in the French Catholic café!

I was not “on” the pod, I have a voice for TV.

So, it’s come to this.  I finally need to share my brush with fame, real fame, none of this fake fame stuff.  But it’s going to take a little bit of backstory, so humor me while we all sit down with our respective drinks and I spin my tale. Continue reading “…in the luxurious corner booth in the French Catholic café!”

Day 4, Part 3: The Grotto

awvdp59csvq7wkw3xwmx2w.jpgAfter dinner, we have free time.  Usually this is the time you can take to walk around or go have a drink or the knights and dames get time off from their malades and can enjoy themselves.  I think it’s an unwritten rule, actually.  I could have asked them to take me places in the voiture, but I didn’t feel like that was right. Continue reading “Day 4, Part 3: The Grotto”