In praise of a cup

Time to share a dark, dirty, horrible secret.

I love coffee.

I also need to keep intaking calories.  The only place that mixes coffee and calories with any regularity that I can get to is….

dun dun dunnnnnnnn………


Dangit, their lattes have 2 shots of espresso and steamed milk, all things which my body needs!  But it’s so darn EXPENSIVE.  If only there was a local coffee shop that made the same that wasn’t the evil empire, and was easy to get to (a common concern in Manassas and DC.)  So, yeah, guilty, I buy Starbucks coffee.

HOWEVER, I wish to sing the praises of Starbucks for something.  (Yes, sing praises, for as Catholics we take what is good, or true, or beautiful, because we know it’s from God even if it’s in a Starbucks.)  They have this reusable plastic cup with a plastic lid, that looks just like their paper cups, and it saves you 10 cents a drink.  It costs like $2, and lessens all the paper waste from their regular cups (b/c you can’t recycle them, for some reason).  Anyway, this cup has the most perfect shape for holding and hole in the lid for drinking for this ALS patient.  Seriously, this cup is PERFECT.

$2 reusable cup.  Who knew!!!

So perfect, in fact, that I drink everything but liquor from it.  Coffee?  Water?  Soda?  Beer?  Yup.


So well done Starbucks, for supporting the disabled, and making it possible for those of us who can’t sip from a straw or bottle or can or lift a heavy cup to be able to enjoy the delicious beverages that are on this land.

And I’ll have a beer later to celebrate!

5 thoughts on “In praise of a cup”

  1. Joe, it’s so good to know Starbucks is doing something right! 😂😂 And we love coffee too. Ken drinks his from a kahuna mug that is so big he only needs one refill instead of three 😂 but it’s a weekend treat

    God bless you–great post 🙏


  2. I just said to my son today…my favorite travel cup is the reusable Starbucks cup! How funny you should post this!!!


  3. I love those cups! Coffee cups aren’t recyclable (or at least it’s really difficult) because of the liner they have to make them not leak coffee all over you. 🙂 Sing ho (ho!) for reusable cups!


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