Pret-Tee Awesome (pt 2)

Lost-OBEIn life, we have many times when we have been OBE.  No, not Order of the British Empire, although I would take it, but Overcome by Events.  I’m way behind on posting, so I’m playing catch up.

After the shaft for the elevator was built, which is in part 1, they started working on the lift itself.  This is not your run of the mill elevator platform that requires all sorts of weird stuff!  This is custom!  And, if I may say so, Carolyn, that is high praise from Neil, who builds beautiful custom homes!!!

Live fearless, Zoe!

Part two begins, as it so often does, at the end of part one, which is good for continuity!  After they had finished the shaft, the mysterious and arcane work of welding had to happen.  I don’t know if you all have ever experienced welding, but I’m convinced it’s magic.  You melt steel to attach to other steel and it is somehow stronger than before.  Huh?  Like scar tissue, which is also magic.

But they didn’t want to weld too much in the house, because fire, and they couldn’t weld it all outside because then it wouldn’t fit through the door.  So they did a bit of both, outside the first day, inside the second.  The welding is AMAZING, just like the shaft, seamless, sturdy, and craftsmanship.  And I watch lesser craftsmen on YouTube!

The Wizard at work

The project management team and electrician also were here at the same time, and when the time came to bring in the Wonkavator, the whole crew was on deck, and they grabbed greatest neighbor Tim to help too!  Let me see if I have the video.

Tim doesn’t know it, but he’s lifting the heaviest the heaviest part.  Classic project management!


Then more magic happened inside. From my temporary desk in the dining room, I could see blue and yellow flashes from under the door.  Seriously, it’s like wizards fire!

Bubble bubble, toil and trouble… Wait wrong story…

Then they were done, and began the part three, which was the motor, electric, and controls.  But you’ll have to tune in to the next episode to see!

And like that, it’s stronger than before!


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