Holy Saturday thoughts

On this Holy Saturday, I wish to share with you a few things.

First off, thank you so much for the beautiful flowers and gift, they are beautiful!  I love them, unnamed friend! img_4005

Second, my family had an interesting discussion about the Last Supper and the triumph of God, and when.  Where we break through space and time to the Pascal mystery, the time that it happened, forever and always, was still unknown.  So when Jesus died and was buried, was that the triumph?  No, not till the Resurrection.  So, On Holy Saturday, we are waiting for what happens next.  Christ has been taken from us, and we tremble in fear.  But…

The last thing. Holy Saturday.  I just read on Facebook a beautiful statement of hell trembling in fear, but that isn’t right.  The devil won, and he thought he won, he killed God.  The Resurrection conquers death. But what happens on Holy Saturday?

Enter my favorite podcast, and the explanation of Von Balthazar of it happened. Here, listen!


What was not assumed was not redeemed.  The mysteries of Holy Saturday, that Jesus didn’t die, go down to hell and kick in doors, he suffered the full effects of sin like St Paul says, was made sin, which in the Jewish tradition is the separation of man from God.  I want to share the whole transcript.

Oh man, you have to listen to this podcast it is so good and explains it much better than I can!! 

So on this Holy Saturday as we have our hope removed because Jesus has died, where it seems that evil has won, we wait in empty churches, and quiet reflection, for what will happen next.

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