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Not too many people in Reader-land have questions, apparently.  This is a good thing!

Danielle asked, what would I tell my ten year old self?

I really regret two major aspects of my youth.  One, I won’t share because it isn’t appropriate, but the other I will.  I would tell myself not to be so entitled, and not to take everything personally.  It took eight years to understand the latter, and I still am dealing with the former.  Understanding that at an earlier age might have saved me some consternation as a young adult, and a very needed talking to.

Steve asks, what is your favorite song besides Africa? 

I don’t know, I never thought about it!  I have so many different songs I do like, but none I can peg as a favorite.  I guess I would have to go with the live version of Closer to the Heart by Rush, off the Different Stages album.  Although you and meeee, we come from different worlds…

Emma asked, how did I discern my vocation?

Well, first of all, I believe that every option should be explored, especially by young people.  We do a terrible job in coddling our young people and not giving them a chance to develop an understanding of reality.  And a deeper understanding of the faith, for sure.  What I mean is like, ok, when I was an altar boy, I learned that I wasn’t there to serve the priest, but to take part in the heavenly liturgy serving God.  How many altar boys or girls do you know that have been taught that?  And I likened that holy service as a step to priesthood.  But the understanding of the mass didn’t come till later, and I think we don’t focus enough on that.  (Side note.  I can’t tell you the gifts or fruits of the Holy Spirit, which I was forced to learn by rote, but I never tire of learning about the mass. That should say something about how we teach religion.)

But truly I didn’t discern discern. I was blessed to have good spiritual directors who forcibly pointed me on a path.  Then I met Mel and eventually I just knew.  Every story is different, with the billions of people ever.  God calls us in different ways and the only way to know is to actively listen.  I know that doesn’t help, but if you read it in context of my first paragraph, the two go together.

I don’t do life advice, I only give my opinion or an exhortation.  The reason is, if I give advice, and you take it and it doesn’t work, you’ll believe I have steered you wrong.  I learned that from Mr Gasper when I asked his advice.  But I will exhort you this.  Whatever you do in life, stay close to the Sacraments, and if you fall, get up quick.  Your decisions will be much clearer if you stay close to the Sacraments.

Jessie asked, on Facebook not this blog, who is my favorite Saint and why?

I have too many poor devotions to too many Saints.  So it has to be St Joseph.  The Guardian of the Holy Family, the obedient servant, the gentle heart, the quiet leader, the silent trust.  We really don’t study him enough, or know anything about him, and Men need to have him as our guide.  Man, I wish I could be like him.

in the times when women were second class, we have the words of Mary, and the silent, loving Joseph understood.


anything else?

3 thoughts on “Ask me Answered!”

  1. Love this !!! I often worry that a lot of our youth today , including my kids feel entitled. I feel like that is my biggest failure as a mom , and often wonder what I did to make them feel that way. I grew up very poor and I know I o we compensate to give my kids what i never had but I tried to keep them grounded. I often feel like I failed at this and nothing bothers me more. The only thing I EVER wanted to be known as was a good mom. Being a mother is everything to me so when I feel like I failed that it is the worse


    1. Maximilian Kolbe. I was super young getting confirmed, and I am pretty sure it was a comic book that helped me. Offered a crown of purity or martyrdom, he chose both!


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