Biblical plagues and back-to-school

Well it’s that time.  We have all four in school starting next week, from eighth grade to preschool.  I love my kids and hate sending them off, in part because I hated school, and in part because I’m dying.


But that sniff isn’t one of sadness!  No, Reader-land, that sniff is the pestilence that one of my darling children brought home and gave to me!! Such a wonderful gift, the plague.  I get it every year!

Let me explain.  I now have postnasal drip, chest congestion, sinus pain and giant headaches.  If you go to WebMD and input all those symptoms, they will tell you that you have a cancerous tumor right behind your sinus, that you have the plague, diptheria, or the common cold.

Someone needs to invent a bleaching capability that gets rid of the funk that festers in school over the summer.  Like an HVAC carried bleach bomb.  Turn on the HVAC, throw the bleach bomb in, make sure no one goes in for two days, then ventilate the whole building.  At some point we have to ask who we are going to fund, whoever invents that, or our doctors?  And anyone with kids knows that doctors get a lot of our money! knowing

All joking aside, oooog is how I feel.  Achy and congested, but I am still alive!  Now you know.  And knowing is half the battle.  The rest is red and blue lasers! thebatttle

5 thoughts on “Biblical plagues and back-to-school”

  1. Praying you get over this gunky funky virus soon, Joe. Anything you catch is exponentially worse than the common cold (Google left that one out?). One of Mom’s friends asked about you after Mass yesterday and said you’re a fighter and staying strong.. I agreed.


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