It’s not rocket surgery!!

Reader-land, I apologize for taking so long to write this!  You have to thank our dear friend Susan who took us to Lourdes last year, and who asked for an update about my mom!

Mom is home and recovering.  My sisters and nephews and nieces are taking turns staying with her because she shouldn’t be alone for like six weeks.  I would go but I would have to sit outside because she has a split foyer and I am in a wheelchair, you know.  The staples are already out and mom looks great!

She gets dizzy and tired quickly, which is a concern, but her vitals are normal, I’ve heard.  And mom now has risk of seizures and strokes.  But she had seven children, and if we didn’t kill her, I don’t think Lefty will.

The tumor was benign and they got it all!  From what I understand, and I could be wrong, but the initial size was underestimated.  They said egg-sized, but maybe tennis ball sized.  The best I can understand, the tumor was pushing against the right side of her skull, pushing left, hence the name.  And it must have been super compressed because when they went in, part of it popped out.  They also found evidence of a stroke behind the tumor, a very recent one.

Strictly speaking, the whole thing was miraculous.  They didn’t have too many concerns about mom until the week before, then she had a ct scan and was rushed to the hospital, where she had the best brain surgeon, influenced by Mother Teresa, a quick diagnosis, and the best care.  If they had waited, Lefty could have caused a massive stroke in the frontal lobe.  The kind that kills or does massive brain damage.

They had originally thought they couldn’t get it all, then they did.  Mom went home after four days.  And the risk of stroke in the future is something we now are forewarned, unlike when my grandmother had her strokes!  So we know what to look for!

I’m optimistic.  The setbacks that Mom is having are probably her brain returning to its proper shape.  And rebuilding itself!  The Miracles do happen, yo!  Thank you so much for your prayers!

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