I feel the need… the need for speed!

It’s dumb, I’m such a goof.  You know, I watched “Top Gear” for years, I loved looking at all the cool cars, going to cars and coffee, all that stuff.  But I never “understood” it.  Family members are way better at this than I was, they GOT speed and fast cars and good handling and and and.  I just admired from afar and was rather afraid of excess speed.  And then….  I discovered it.  From a friend, loaning me his R8 for a weekend…


Holy cow, am I hooked.

Of course, now I get to mention Lou Gehrigs.  But in a good way, because now I am taking advantage of the opportunities presented.  I went Go-Karting with family over Christmas break.  Loved it, I’m going to go back and maybe try a league.  I’m looking for every opportunity to race and push the limits…. and yes, that might mean I get a speeding ticket.  In a very good way, I get to experience things that frightened me earlier in life, which wouldn’t have happened in the same way without it.  I mean, maybe a mid-life crisis, but I was quite happy with my little Civic until now!

It’s also a metaphorical look at time.  As I’ve said, this is about the time in-between.  I’m not dead yet.  But time is fleeting, time is fast – as much as we want it, time won’t stand still (that’s reserved for the Rush song, on my other blog “Greatest rock band of all time”).  I’m going to be present in the now, and in the moments that otherwise pass by.


(Quote credit to “Top Gun”, the most accurate depiction of Naval Aviator life I think ever envisioned by man, shirtless volleyball scenes and locker room scenes and cheesy mustache scene’s included.)

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