Blessings and graces

God will never be outdone in generosity.

Two weeks ago, Mel and I interviewed with the Knights of Malta for the chance to go with them on a trip to Lourdes, France, site of the Marian apparition to St. Bernadette.  Then Mel and my family started saying novenas that we would be accepted to go.  We are praying for a miracle, and we pray to “help our unbelief”.

Earlier last week, we received a generous gift from a family that has been very kind to us:


Roses, always special in our house, and the prayers of the Dominican Sisters of the Perpetual Rosary.  Roses are special because Mel’s Mom’s middle name is Rose, and we know she is praying hard for us, and helping us.  So then yesterday I got a call from the Knights of Malta, and we got selected to go to Lourdes!!!  I am floored, excited, grateful, overwhelmed…. it’s amazing!

I am not done yet.  Like I said, He is never outdone.  I met a wonderful man this week through my sister (also my godmother), who is very similar to me in that he is young, a father, and has ALS.  We have similar initial symptoms, and he is wheelchair-enabled (having a wheelchair is not a disability, people!). But after a brief conversation over text and then over phone, we connected, and hopefully will be able to meet face to face soon. Matt also put me in touch with clinical coordinators of possibly one of the most effective trials of reversing ALS symptoms to date… and they responded within the day.  Now there is a very good chance I could join the phase 3 trials up in UMass as soon as this month.

It’s selfish sometimes to think about this.  Matt has had ALS longer and he’s not eligible for the trials.  But he reached out so that other’s might have the opportunity to try, and if successful, pave the way for him to get the actual FDA approved treatment!  This is what I mean by a wonderful man.  And God willing, may I do the same for others.

6 thoughts on “Blessings and graces”

  1. Thank you so much for this update, Joe! Jess mentioned the Knights of Malta and I prayed you would be able to go! The prayers will not stop – and the sacrifices for you and your beautiful family. Continued blessings!!


  2. So happy prayers answered with the trip to Lourdes. Very special to me that you referenced Carol’s middle name IS Rose. I love the present tense, because I believe that she will always be with her children.


    1. Lynn, there is another lady who works up at ALS TDi up in Massachusetts and she wants to get Joe up there for a tour. Her name is Carol. What?!?


  3. Thank God! Roses are always welcome as yo u have been added to my Novena to St Theresa. Love your blog. Continued prayers


  4. Joe, we continue to remember you in prayer. We are just 30 miles north of Boston; if you end up traveling here know that you are welcome to stay with us. At the very least we can help you navigate the area.


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