On improvements

Last time, on the chronicALS, our hero was fighting the tyranny of steel and lead batteries.

OK, so complaining about stuff never gets us anywhere.  What about solutions?  We can complain and complain, and at the end of the day we sound like politicians.  When Daniel Boone, complained, he went out west and found a solution.  When Nikola Tesla encountered a problem, he researched and found a solution (some that we still use today, btw.)  When Thomas Edison had a problem, he stole the solution from Nikola Tesla!  I kid, I kid.  Sort of.  That’s a post for my other blog, “Genius inventors who stole from other people”.


I’m inspired by F1.  Formula 1, a private organization, has been racing for something like 50 years or more.  And they’ve constantly pushed envelopes and responded to changes in tech, engines, and everything.  They have gone from steel to carbon fiber, from V12 engines to turbocharged v6, to hybrid power for engines.  It’s fascinating.  and inspiring like I said.


So, in that vein, let’s improve the wheelchair.  Right now, most power wheelchairs have steel tubing.  Maybe aluminum.  OK, so, like F1, lets more from steel to Carbon fiber!  Strength to weight is WAY better, and you can make more complex shapes without having to mill steel, bend tubing, etc!  In fact, the possibilities are limited by only the mold you are able to build.


Then let’s look at batteries.  Actually, this one is too easy – Toyota Priuseseses have better batteries than everything out there, and they are at the bottom of the spectrum.  Then there is BMW, Mercedes, Formula E, Tesla… all making the rechargeable battery more powerful and more efficient.  So… wait, you are telling me I still need to use a 40+ lb lead gel battery????  And I have to use 2 of them to get around all day??  No dude, there have to be conversion kits for all the car batteries that are out there.  There HAVE TO BE!!!

Ok.  See what I mean by the art of the possible?  I know that the people that make this stuff have beaucoup cash and I don’t.  But everything is getting less expensive for sure.

And, a shout out here, my lovely wife Mel has been so supportive and encouraging, and my brother-in-law and sister-in-law have helped take the first stages for getting it on paper and even calling shops for me and everything.  The movement is real and my dreams would stay dreams without all of them, and their love and support.

So keep dreaming, there is nothing stopping you but yourself.  Ask for help, then go for it!

1 thought on “On improvements”

  1. Joe, There is an unused Tesla battery just floating around out there. may be a bit hard to recover and I’m sure Starman would say he owns it.


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