What are you doing with your religious freedom?

I was at the Arlington Diocese Men’s conference on 3 March 2018 – a Catholic gathering, our bishop was there all day, and it was really a powerful time.  750 men, young men, and boys from all over the diocese there to learn about our faith and how to grow in it.  The speaker made a comment that stuck with me, about religious freedom in the US.  It was so strong that I want to share it with you all to spark the thought.  I won’t use the whole quote but I want to launch into the question with a preface: We have religious liberty in this country.  I won’t get into the many countries that have killed people for their faith, lets just use it as an absolute.  We have it here in the US and it is awesome!  Which leads to this question.

What the hell are you doing with your religious freedom?  

Because it sure doesn’t seem like much.




(Thanks to Fr. Mike Schmitz)


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