Much ado about nothing, or random questions about me

Yes, hello, welcome to our home!

Melanie told me that the blogs she likes are also ones that do a little bit about themselves.   So, I’ll be boring and do the trending #hashtagaboutme.  So, without more ado…!

  1. Are you named after anyone? St. Joseph, I think Edward Anthony (somewhere in there), and St. Maximilian Kolbe. I was GOING to be named after St. Martha… but I’m a guy, so…
  2. When was the last time you cried? Today.
  3. Do you have kids?  I do.
  4. If you were another person, would you be a friend of yourself?  Oh yeah.  I’m a stand up dude!
  5. Do you use sarcasm a lot?  Oh yeah.  I’m a stand up dude!
  6. What’s the first thing you notice about people? Face.
  7. What is your eye color? Blue
  8. Scary movie or happy endings? Happy endings.  Scary movies are.. I’m not a fan.
  9. Favorite smells? My wife’s perfume, frankincense, beeswax candles, the sea
  10. What’s the furthest you’ve ever been from home? uhm… really far?  Spain?
  11. Do you have any special talents? “Oh yes.  I do voices.”  (I did voices)
  12. Where were you born? Louisiana
  13. What are your hobbies? Ok, what I would LIKE to do, what I DID, or what I’m able to do now?  I’d LIKE to do woodworking, kart racing, drum playing, soccer playing… I DID play sports, coach, bike, run, do triathlons… What I’m able to do is admire other people’s physical talents, think of ideas for things, read, pray and try to be with my family.  And design a sports-wheelchair
  14. Do you have any pets? A cat.
  15. Do you have any siblings? So many!!! 6, and 12 in laws (between Mels family and mine)
  16. What do you want to be when you grow up? A saint.  Grown-up?  A little bit taller?
  17. Who was your first best friend? Shane Lennon
  18. How tall are you? 5’7″
  19. How many countries have you visited? 2
  20. What was your favorite/worst subject in High School? Favorite, history.  Worst, Math
  21. What is your Favorite drink? CHARTREUSE!!!  Then scotch.  Then bourbon.  Then beer.  Then bubble water.
  22. What Sports have you played? soccer, basketball, rugby, kart racing.
  23. Favorite memory from childhood? footloose and fancy free, I have too many to have a favorite.
  24. Favorite sports? Soccer, Sumo, Formula 1, hockey, baseball, e-sports racing
  25. What phone do you have? (iOS v Android?) iOS

OK Reader-land.  Now it’s your turn.  I’ll answer any questions that you post below in the comments on this post.  (Not on my love life, that’s off limits.)

13 thoughts on “Much ado about nothing, or random questions about me”

  1. I never noticed the comments!

    Ok so here are some questions, Joe:
    Do you have a favorite quote? Or saint?
    Are you a morning person or night owl?
    Do you have a favorite food?
    Would you rather watch a movie or read a book?


    1. Favorite saint: Our Lady, St. Joseph, St. Bruno. Forgot to say Fr Al Schwarz!

      Morning person, through years of having to get up early. Or, maybe, an “after coffee person”?

      I’m definitely tempted by gluttony, I love food. But I don’t think I have a “favorite”. I like everything!

      I would rather read a book (Lord of the Rings, anyone?!)


  2. This question is hard (well hard for me). favorite movie. lets do favorite old movie (prior to 1970) and favorite newer movie.


  3. Ok, I’ll play. 🙂

    1. Last song you listened to?
    2. Something people may not know about you?
    3. 3 things you can’t live without?
    4. Best advice someone’s given you?
    5. Favorite place to visit?
    6. 3 Words to describe you?
    7. Coke or Pepsi?
    8. Your favorite quality about yourself?
    9. What’s our favorite movie?
    10. Favorite blog?
    11. What superpower do you wish you had?


    1. 1. Rush, “Mission”
      2. I left home to go to boarding school/pre seminary when I was 12 (willingly!!) and was also expelled from said school at 16.
      3. God, Mel, family (love you Mel), or coffee, alcohol, and friends.
      4. More like a scolding. In 2007, I received a man to man talk about my attitude by a man I respect that changed the way I saw myself and I hope changed me for the better…
      5. I haven’t been there yet, I enjoy new places!!
      6. Nerd, weird, old-soul
      7. COKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      8. Attempting to see from the other persons shoes
      9. Return to Me
      10. My sisters blogs of course!
      11. Green Lantern. But if I couldn’t have that then flight without the fear of heights by far!!


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