Flying to Boston…

…and it’s snowing.


Unless our flight is cancelled, Mel and I will be leaving for Boston and Worcester (WOOOOster) at around 4am tomorrow for our first Umass visit.  This is the first of 4 to see if I’m as good a candidate in person as I am on paper for the NurOwn stem cell trial.  (Reminder, NurOwn was shown to reverse symptoms of ALS in Phase 2 trials.  Not a cure, nor a slowdown of progression.)  Then if I am a good candidate, it’s more visits to get spinal taps (up to 11!) and then……  Well, I’m not sure.

I appreciate all the prayers and support you all have given us over this decision.  It isn’t the safe choice, it isn’t the most clear choice, and depending on how it goes, I may progress faster than before.  There is also no guarantee that after this trial I might get on the Radicava again.  So, lookin pretty uncertain.  I’d appreciate more prayers because the real hope is in a miracle.

It is in God’s hands though, and that’s all I can do – it’s the only thing  to  do.


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