An audience

Look!  Out there in the audience….

This week I had a good convo with an old friend, a coworker who was leaving the job.  Our chat centered around putting ourselves out here on interwubs land, where people can read about you and comment or not, as the case may be.  This is rather frightening, to be honest.  Do you realize how nerve-racking it is to open up thoughts, insecurities, plans, my life, to people out there in the interwubs?  I mean, people do it all the time, to be fair.  but I’m a private kinda guy in public.  I’ll debate with you all day long over a beer, or a meal.  I LOVE a good debate.

But a debate requires two or more people, a topic of interest, and a commitment to listening to the other person and debating on the topic.  (See Washington, D.C. for what NOT to do, also the media, etc.). This blog at times is more of a monologue, where I can expound as if I were a grand professor at a University, and my class listening to my words.  I sit up and pontificate on thoughts by Joe.  Providentially, there may be people out there that can correct my theology, but on other topics it’s just me blathering on.

I think it’s good to be vulnerable, though.  The podcast “Catholic Stuff You Should Know” talks about vulnerability being key to the Christian life, as it allows for correction, allows for formation, allows for love. If we wall ourselves off in our own strength, we don’t grow outside of those walls.

So I’m going to keep doing this, as long as I can.  Y’all are welcome to ask questions, to suggest topics, to call out my thoughts and know that I am interested in a true “Havarim”.    Or just let me keep rambling.

Just know that it’s terrifying!

People?!?!  AAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!

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