Side quests

UnknownLife is like an RPG.  You know what I mean, you meet your companions at an inn and you are given a quest in life (get to heaven).  Go save the princess.  Destroy the dragon.  Clear the dungeon to defeat the giant and avenge your father’s death.  Find the magical sword of… incontinence, I don’t know.  Life is like that.  You have your quest companions and you try and help each other along the way to get to heaven, making the world a better place as you go.  Along the way in your RPG quest, you get side quests.  In life, you get them too!  Sometimes, the side quests help you complete the main quest.  Sometimes, they are pointless.

My side quest idea always includes hobbies, interests, frivolous pursuits, things that aren’t necessary to complete in life to achieve the main quest.  That might include work too.  So, building an ultimate “superchair”?  Side quest.  Go-Karting?  Side quest.  Fast cars?  Sports enjoyment?  Racing?  Side quest.  None of these things are bad things, by the way.  Our enjoyment of these things are not sinful, or evil, or bad in any way, unless we allow the enjoyment of these side quests to detract us from the main quest.  If we don’t complete the main quest, then we fail.Ugs5UxeISjaasUubwpWQlg

I’m just going to share a side quest that my friend Jim got me hooked on, my brother-in-law added to, and my friend Rich enabled more.
I like fast cars.  I like pretty cars.  I like racing cars that are pretty.  And I really am lucky that occasionally I get to drive them:

Go karts have no power steering.  I can’t “race” anymore…

And, of course:

Too many people say they don’t like the Corvette.  I disagree with them, I think it’s a sweet car!

But of course, remember that these are side quests.  Let’s use them to help further the main quest, shall we?

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