Wheelchair- stage 1 complete

I have purchased the donor chair.

My quest for sidewalk domination has begun!  Muahahahhahahah!!!

No, seriously, the website where I got the idea starts with an old Quickie F55 wheelchair, then modifies it.  I have purchased a quickie F55 wheelchair, from England, and I’m waiting on my good friend and mentor to help me ship it over to my family and friend who volunteered (I really hope not voluntold) to help me.  This is exciting for me, EXTREMELY exciting.  The F55 currently runs, it works and I “could” use it without mods.  But no, if I’m going to buy a wheelchair just to use it’ll be one through insurance.  This chair though… she’s special.  Yes, it’s a she.  Yes, she’ll need a name.

Would you like to see?  This is the start:

She doesn’t look like much now, but you wait!

Modifications will make it better.  The first is to hack off those swing away footrests, they are too wide and bang into everything.  Hack off the push handles, they are useless.  And remove the headlight posts.  Remove those silly side plates on the armrest.  Put in a Center footrest, as in the future I won’t be able to walk anyway!  (side project to make this out of carbon fiber – watch this space.)  Then, move the seat backwards.  Change the orientation of the batteries to go longways under the seat, which moves the motors inboard more.  Move the anti-tip wheels inboard and replace with in-line rollerskate wheels.  Replace the rear wheels and tires, replace the front tires, maybe get some high end Fox shocks for the back.  Put stainless steel bolts, bearings, screws, everywhere (did you know that they don’t use stainless to make this stuff?)… maybe get a Corvette Sport seat…  Paint the whole thing, including the forks.  Replace the electronics and get a lithium battery pack.  Add in remote control driving so Mel could push me around from her phone or controller.  Maybe make a custom carbon fiber wheel…  The possibilities are endless!

Doesn’t that sound cool?  And I KNOW it can be done because this dude in England did it!BM3-lithium-15mph-powerchair-1-small

I’d really like to paint it colors of a sponsor, or go hockey helmet style if no sponsor is forthcoming.  Indycar Livery?  Nascar?  F1? Yeah?  Sports team livery?  Come come, you know that would look awesome.  I’d also strategically place decals on the chair/seatback for whomever would sponsor the build.  It’s advertising!  How much would you have to pay for that level of advertising otherwise?

What are your thoughts, Reader-land?  Are you as excited as I am for stage one being complete?  I can FEEL the speed now!!!

Let me know what you think.

3 thoughts on “Wheelchair- stage 1 complete”

    1. be on the lookout for any rear wheel drive frame. The quickie 636 is a good start too. I want to get the exact dimensions of mine to see if getting it locally fabricated is cheaper.


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