Who Farts on an Airplane, redux

I had my two week follow up to the lumbar injection up at Umass this past Thursday.  This was a strange feeling,

A delay in National

as Mel had major surgery on Friday before and couldn’t really do much.  So Joey volunteered to be my escort on this trip, with plans of beer, jokes and Volturno’s pizza. Continue reading “Who Farts on an Airplane, redux”

Wheelchair Stage 2 complete

While we were at Lourdes, with barely any wifi outside the hotel (which is a very good thing, forces focus and that was much needed), I received emails about the wheelchair I bought arriving here in the States.  My sister-in-law’s brother-in-law Jack (you got that?  basically family), a major sponsor and actual builder of my wheelchair build, let me know it arrived here in the states. img_2820.jpg Continue reading “Wheelchair Stage 2 complete”