It’s been one week…

If you don’t know that song, you are too young.  And if you do know that song, you’re welcome.

Some say there is a part in the song where in the background you here a “woo!”, which is when the bassist got shocked, and they left it in.knowing Continue reading “It’s been one week…”

What do I say to my daughters?

In many ways, this is much harder for me to write, in that I am not a woman and can never fully understand.  It’s easy to have tough love from father to son.  But as a father, I want to protect my daughters like a lion protects the pride. Continue reading “What do I say to my daughters?”

Disability, abortion, and eugenics. Where we are.

Reader-land, I have said many times that history matters.  I am going to give a little history lesson on where we are, and how we got here.

This is a difficult post.
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Burning fertility clinic

downloadNo sh*t there I was, arguing for the equality of human life and the right to live, on scientific and philosophical grounds.  I wasn’t getting an answer, just a tap dance around the issue that would make Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers blush in shame.  Oh, I had the goods alright.  I didn’t count on a last gasp analogy from both barrels!  Do you save the embryos or the five-year-old? Continue reading “Burning fertility clinic”