We the people…

I’m wading in because Alex asked me to, and I would like to point out to everyone how elections have consequences.

I’m a child of the world, I have been many places, adopted different cultures, and learned other languages.   That is the only way to learn.  I’ve learned history from different angles and timeframe.  And that leads in to the topic.

I was born in Louisiana, but I was adopted by Virginia, and I remain a proud Virginian.  The first settlement, the subdoer of the Ohio territory, author of the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights, and the Constitution.   Home of the commander of the revolutionary armies and the first president.  Did you know all that?  Boston had the tea party, and Virginia codified the split.

Then Jefferson presented it.  Signing their names to Jefferson’s declaration was an act of treason, and they did it anyway.

Some other tidbits.  The lands west, including Kentucky, West Virginia, Ohio, they were all the Virginia territories.  That’s why Washington was called out there during the French and Indian war.  Another is that George Mason wrote the firstbill of rights into the Virginia constitution, which was the model for the US Bill of Rights.  There were a lot of huge brains in Virginia.

Which leads me to now.  I have never missed a vote in my adult life.  Even now in a wheelchair and nearly paralyzed, I still went out to vote, because we are a Republic and elections matter.  I am not scolding what party anyone voted for, only those people and organizations who decided not to vote.

Mr. Chairman, I need to Lodge a complaint.

You ever feel like a canary in a coal mine?  A chicken little?  Someone who is crying wolf?  I feel like that. My friend Alex wanted me to talk about how this election is affecting our Virginia right to keep and bear arms, but I am not going to talk about that.  I’m going to talk about how very few people paid attention until it was too late.

You know who you are.  “Oh, that won’t happen in Virginia”, and then vote party line or on a different issue, or didn’t even vote.  To quote Greta, how dare you? owdareyou

That is right, how dare you?  If you had been paying attention, you would have seen the attempts made previously.  Some of us were banging the drums but got little response.  Let me tell you, along with gun confiscation bills, abortion up to birth bills are coming back.  Remember how baby killer Northam got on the radio to explain what would happen to an unwanted baby accidentally born alive?  Let me remind you.

Now, he’s addressing a bill that legalizes abortion up to the moment of birth, and then saying that if the baby is not viable, or has a deformity.  This is the Governor, who doesn’t want people with deformities to be born, or wants to have a discussion with the family if to kill the baby or not.  At this point, the baby is outside the womb.  Not for nothing I call him governor infanticide.

“But Joe”, you say, “what does that have to do with guns?”  I’m glad you asked! firsttime

See, the two ideologies go together.  Find me an aggressive state on pro-abortion laws and I will show you how they are also aggressive on gun control.  Why?  I think it is about control.  Free sex and no consequences of it destroys the family dynamic and encourages the individual to rely on outside sources and most of the time that will be a form of control.  Families, however, are the nucleus of society.  You learn the first things in the family.  Walking, talking, manners, respect, religion, values, history, etc.  You create a society where there are fewer families and you have greater reliance on schools as daycare, and the state now gets to teach your kids.  And if you are capable of protecting yourself and others, you are not relying on the state, so guns must go.  Depending on the state is imperative.

I’m not saying they are twirling their mustaches planning this out.  I’m saying it’s inherent in the ideology, they don’t even realize it.  You ever notice that most gun control is said to protect children, but the same people talk about killing forty-week gestation babies?  They don’t even recognize their own cognitive dissonance!  But some of us, who have been exposed to lands and cultures outside of our own, and studied the history of places beyond that of America came and kicked ass, recognize the pattern. And we have warned people about it.  And people didn’t listen until it was too late. giphy

Shame on you.

I weep for my Commonwealth.  It will go through terrible times which could have been avoided, but the divide is only getting worse.  This essay won’t make it better either, but it is the price we pay for studying history.  The stupid thing is, we are not subjects of the state.  Or the nation.  They govern by the consent of the people.  Read the documents!  We are not subjects! download

Perhaps, hopefully, I can be on the front lines.  I volunteer as tribute.  Here I am, send me.  Maybe it’ll wake people up, and if I can protect one innocent life, then I have done well.

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