The 300th Post

This is it.  More than I thought I would ever write, and opinionated and sanctimonious as all get out.  But I have to go big for this one.  What should it be about?

A synthesis of my thought.

Reader-land, I’m dying.  This means I don’t think like someone who has plans for next year, or even next week.  I don’t know if I will choke on my saliva this afternoon.  I wonder if I will get confession before I die, and I worry about the state of my soul.  So with that in mind, the synthesis of my thought is…

narwhalI’m writing this on the first Sunday of Advent, and today’s Gospel began with, “In the days of Noah…”  We all know the story of Noah, right?  Old man, gets a crazy idea to build a boat, brings every creature in, except for anyone outside of his own family, then fights off Emma Watson and rock monsters, and unicorns jumped off the ark to fight them, and that is how we got narwhals.  Ok, so I stole some parts from the Russell Crowe flop.  But you know the story.

You know what part never gets talked about?  How long it took.  I have to thank the Lanky Guys for this, but how long did it take?  A hundred and twenty years.

This is the message that both this Advent and my thoughts go to.  The people in the days of Noah weren’t oblivious to what was going on, Noah was a preacher of righteousness, according to the letters of Peter.  He was telling them, “I’m building this boat, repent and you can join us.”  That long to build, and the call of Nineveh to do penance.  But they didn’t believe him.

Where we are as a society is not dissimilar to Noah’s time.  We go about our lives, ignoring the giant boat being built, and then when the flood comes we are surprised, like, “if only we had known!”  The signs are all there, we have to look at them.  We are all going to die, all societies will collapse. ark

So now, think about what I have been writing for almost two years.  I’ve been to Lourdes, looking for a miracle.  I’ve joined trials to improve the ALS.  I’ve talked about heroes, euthanasia, abortion, eugenics, science, sports, family, religion, and even a little bit of politics.  I’ve ranted, I’ve joked, I have cried, and all pointing to the synthesis of my thought.

Everything in life is a signpost towards God.  And I’m just trying to point out the signs.

I have atheist friends who may disagree.  Heck I’ve got religious friends who disagree.  But it’s a fact.  Everything in life is a giant light-up sign saying, “God is real!  Come and see!”

Do I have the answer to why the old Testament said to kill every one of Israel enemies?  Bash the heads of their children?  No, I don’t, but I can find it.  Do I know how the world was formed from nothing?  No, but there is evidence for it.  Can I prove that God exists through science?  No, because He is outside science, in fact, He created science!  But what I can tell you is that when I am looking death in the face, the signs make a lot more sense.

In twelfth grade, my English teacher had us write paragraphs every week, about something or other, I can’t remember.  I quickly eschewed that for long essays on philosophical topics that were in my head at any given moment, and they were not short. I’m pretty sure she hated reading them, but she did and always commented and graded them.

That is what I am doing now.  I don’t know what my mission in life is anymore, aside to love my family as never before.  I also have this blog, which you still read after 300 posts.  In this blog I will continue to point out the signs I’m seeing to you, and you can read it if you like.  I’m far from good, but I keep getting the feeling that maybe I’m supposed to write those long essays, because I don’t see if anyone else is.

Thank you for coming on this journey! cicadas.jpg

9 thoughts on “The 300th Post”

  1. Oh you are meant to write this blog, Joe! You are having a profound impact on people you don’t even know. It’s your mission through this awful, scary illness. And once you pass through those pearly gates, you will see what a difference your life has made in so many others -mine included!

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  2. wow! great post I love it. even after 300 Posts you’ve still got it !! . the insertion of the Far Side is a nice touch. Joe these posts are remarkable I agree with others you are definitely meant to write this blog. thanks for doing this.


  3. Joe,
    Noah lived to be 950, so hang in there.
    I’m glad I’m on board your ark. I hope it’s ok that I’m there without a mate!
    As far as I’m concerned, you can’t write your pieces fast enough nor better.
    Hark! The herald’s voice is crying… Advent reminds all of us that our time is short.


  4. I don’t blog, I don’t even know what the word “blog” means, and I have never read blogs…until yours, and I didn’t learn about these until a couple months ago! As a late joiner of “Joe Gregory’ Blog Groupies” I am proof that not only is 300 not too many, but their influence is growing rather than diminishing!


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