Wheelchair Stage 2 complete

While we were at Lourdes, with barely any wifi outside the hotel (which is a very good thing, forces focus and that was much needed), I received emails about the wheelchair I bought arriving here in the States.  My sister-in-law’s brother-in-law Jack (you got that?  basically family), a major sponsor and actual builder of my wheelchair build, let me know it arrived here in the states. img_2820.jpg

Now it’s here, and I need to get the parts needed to make it a reality while Jack hacks off the things that need hacking off.  Like he said, it’s a good platform to begin building off of!


I’ve already covered what I want to do to it but am unable to physically.  This is why Jack is so kind to help me out, more than I can possibly repay!

In other news as well, my other brother-in-law, another car guy, asked on the Corvette forums if anyone had a C5 sport seat for us, and I’m very happy to say that Damien on the forums DID have seats which he gave us for free!IMG_6984

It’s tan, so I was thinking that unless a major sponsor wants to pay to have this done and has a design scheme they want to have on the frame, then probably British racing green or Ferrari red, to highlight the tan.  (oh, F1 style.  Rothmans livery from Williams in ’94?  Camel/Elf livery from ’91?  Martini livery from now?  I’ll do it if they sponsor it!)


All the logos you see will be gone and replaced by sponsor logos (Lynn 🙂 ).

So. not too much but enough to update you all on what the wheelchair plan is all about.  That was one of the reasons for starting this blog, so I feel I owe you.

Thank you so much to everyone who is helping out of the goodness of their heart, Jack, Andy, Lynn, etc!!!  I love you all!

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