Day 7, and orphan pictures

Ok, last Lourdes post with a schedule.  Basically, we said goodbye to everyone in the airport, and got back on the charter plane back.

I don’t like goodbyes…  But Laura sent out everyone’s email on GOLD team and Facebook is there for a reason, even if we hate social media!

On to pictures!!

Right after the baths.  I love this statue (and the sweet lady next to me)


On top of the Rosary Basilica


The crypt church under the other basilica
Poor Clares
I need a brew with this nice lady!!
Daniel was a constant joy the whole trip.  We were so blessed to have him with us on GOLD team!



Guess who did each one?

And lastly, I leave you all with this last one.  On the last day, Ave gave us this beautiful prayer that reminds me as a malade and all who are sick that suffering and sickness aren’t only experienced by those who are sick.  But also the suffering isn’t only from the ailments that we have.


3 thoughts on “Day 7, and orphan pictures”

  1. Such an interesting post! Thank you for sharing all the pictures. The roof! The crypt! You saw so much of the rosary basilica! The prayer is perfect. I’m making a copy. Thank you!


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