Full Heart

Yesterday afternoon, my work put together a little going away, for I will be full time teleworking from now on.  Being a guy, I didn’t get pictures. But I want to share how wonderful it was for me and Mel, and how awesome my colleagues really are.

First, many people had other commitments, because it’s a Friday afternoon.  But I rolled in, (literally, because I was riding Isabel the blue powerchair), and there was a full conference room.  Full of people, some I hadn’t seen in literal years, some who had retired, or moved to different jobs.  It was incredible, and quite overwhelming. You should know it was a Friday, which means that many people had other commitments, and everyone who was there went above and beyond.

I want to express how much it meant to me to be able to see everyone, even some who dialed in from far away.  The things people said about me are all lies, all lies! But, now I get to share my own speech that I would have given if I could talk anymore.

The things I miss the most are the people.  So many times we can take it for granted, but the best teams and groups I’ve ever worked with were based around the people.  Working from home makes it hard for that daily interaction and it leaves a huge void, especially when you have made friendships.   I can honestly say that I miss everyone in the room, and more beyond, and not just because we knew each other and joked, but I learned from all of From everyone there, I took something that made me a better person.  It might even have been a well timed rebuke, but it was needed and learned from.  Passive voice.img_3562

Seriously, I can go on and on, so you might want to email me for your individual praise, since you might not want it public!  I will say some specifics, but here is for everyone.  I think that I can honestly say that I will always be able to pick you all out a crowd, and approach with a very happy how are you?!  I miss all of you and you filled my heart with your presence and time, and your friendship.

Dave-O, I always felt that you did the Lions share of the work, and I was flailing around trying to keep up!  I’m forever changed by our time working together and your friendship, and even if I can’t wear an Arsenal Jersey anymore, it’s too  TIGHT, I still miss the meaty French forehead and that things would get worse.  Love ya Dave-O.

Steve and Eric kinda go together, as we are mutually friends.  Thank you, for everything.

Rikki, we still get into arguments over things, and now you retired you aren’t as cautious about me screwing up my career by mouthing off on a senior person!  I like this side!

Laura and Amy, you outdid yourselves again.  LRod has been my friend for nine years and I know I have failed her many times by incompetence or trying to hard, but you have taken care of me all this time!  It’s seriously a family, and I treasure my Zeta far higher because of it!

Thank you Alex and Amy for coming up with the get together, and for everyone who behind the scenes made it happen.  I say Alex and Amy by name because they emailed me about it!

Ok, I’m crying on and off as I write all this, and I’m not even retired yet!  So I’ll cut it short, but if you ever want to talk or anything, or hang out, you are my family in a very special way. I miss you all!  I love you all, in the manliest way possible of course!

I leave with one quote, and one of the most moving scenes ever.

Thank you!


5 thoughts on “Full Heart”

  1. Joe, I downed two Guinness stouts at your celebration yesterday, sacrificing liver cells that could have been used for a far superior double IPA, but you know what? Our friendship is worth the sacrifice. Now I’ll have to give Quantum of Solace a try, even though I still believe that Skyfall is a far better movie!

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  2. I am very far away, and crushed I couldn’t make it in person, but happy that multiple people reached out to me to let me know this was happening yesterday. May the Quote Book live on forever! Love you!

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  3. Joe, I really hate I missed Friday. I should have known a 1:00 – 5:00 delivery window meant 4:00 for me. It never fails! Anyway, now that you’re set up for full-time teleworking from home, maybe we can all use your place as our designated work place when we need to telework! This can be a weekly teledrinking event. Ok, weekly may be pushing it. We wouldn’t want to overstay our welcome so I’ll settle for bi-weekly or monthly. And glad you ended on a quote from a real captain….and not that Picard fellow!


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