3rd stage of domination complete

So you all know my quest for sidewalk domination, and the first and second stages are complete.  Now, the third stage is complete!

What is the third stage, you ask?  Well, I’ll tell you.  Be able to get around.

So, what does this mean?  It means getting the EV out and about, either on its own power or the power of something else.  To transport the EV, one must have a larger vehicle to transport it.  That is ok, but I hate the idea of a clunky vehicle.  I get to see the horrible accommodations that have been made to buses and buildings and whatnot from ADA requirements.  Let me be blunt, thank goodness we have the ADA, but people who are in charge of accommodation don’t have a clue about real disabilities.  The way things are built…  “Come on!” as Kate would say.  Even wheelchairs, Isabel has four shocks, and they don’t do anything.  But it can tilt in place, I guess.  If you ask around, the companies will tell you it is too expensive.  I call bs.

So it gave me great pleasure to have Andy find a vehicle for transport.  In the grand scheme of things, Andy has been super helpful in finding and acquiring cars, finding people and businesses, and generally being awesome and helpful!  Elena too has helped us, and I will say they have always been there to help us and we love them and are so grateful!

The problem was that Andy couldn’t help us pick up the vehicle, so Joey and Mel went down two weekends ago and checked it out.  And a good thing too, because it was rusted through.  Too much-much work required for the car.  Andy had a backup, and Mel and Joey went to check it out…


So with much gratitude, for I can never repay the generosity of everyone to us, here is stage 3.

A 2005 Chrysler Town and Country.  With a roll out ramp vs a fold up ramp.  And it is fantastic, this week I have been to mass, a penny Bazaar, a school event, and a work party!  I’m not so trapped anymore!  It’s so liberating!

While I enjoy my newfound freedom, I also discovered a drawback.  Motion sickness.  The best way of describing it is that the chair is anchored down, and does not move in a way that you can anticipate relative to the car motion, where the seats move according to the car frame.  A small price to pay for not being a recluse, I guess.  I still can’t talk anymore though.

Thanks again Andy and Joey for helping pick this van!

4 thoughts on “3rd stage of domination complete”

  1. i’m trying to figure out what the cat has to do with this. Was Zoe waiting in anticipation, did Zoe want to stop spending time with you and was eager to get a van


    1. clearly, you don’t have a cat! They are the ultimate symbol of domination, that is all they think about. In reality, Mel got a good picture and I never share about the love hate relationship I have with Zoe, so I thought it fitting.


  2. I love the pics of the kids in the back. The boys keep begging me to get a minivan… they say it’s way more practical that the bad A** Ford Escape!

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