Pret-Tee Awesome (pt.3)

Pronounced K-nids

I am so behind on posts!  Today marks the first completion point of the Wonkavator, and I think you will be impressed!

I can’t share ALL the videos though, because they reveal too much.

First off, Merry Christmas!  The party is just starting!

The awesome team came to finish the wiring and hook up last week, Friday and Saturday.  In a very short time, they had the rails anchored in, the car attached to Busty, and had test runs up and down.  The best part was seeing the smile on their faces as it was working!  They designed and built from scratch, using their expertise and creativity, and the satisfaction of seeing their work run flawlessly is enough to bring me to tears even now!  And my own smile as it’s working I hope expresses my excitement and gratitude!

This book was way better than the Chocolate Factory

This thing is not a fly by night operation either.  Full metal conduit, limit switches, reversed single phased motor, mag lock, man, it’s got everything!  And the best part, when they had to mount Busty, they called over Jen and Tim to help.  Seriously, do Aren’t they the best neighbors ever?!  Although I don’t know if they made Tim carry the heaviest part…

At one point they had to remember how to reverse a single phase motor.  Let me tell you, uhm, I wish I knew how to turn on a single phase motor, much less reverse it!  But Luke helped out!

Reversing a single phase motor.  He’s helping them figure it out
It’s dark in there!




The professionals at work, and a good profile of Busty

Then we had to test it!  Skip and Jack and Robert somehow got the first ride, which just goes to show that if you hang out near the workers, you’ll probably get the first ride!

Seriously, Luke helped more than they did but somehow they got first ride.  Not Joey who designed it, no!

Then a CENSORED video of me testing it in my wheelchair, which I can’t show you yet.  And Mel had to test it too!

Mel has only ridden once, but Kate rolls with me every chance she gets!

Then Joey came back with his young sons, not boys but young men, and they installed drywall and painted the interior!

Always look on the bright side of life!”
He always finds a way to look off into the distance…
I’m expecting Starry Night from these here ARTEESTS
Oh Haaaaaay!

So I have to say a YUGE and heartfelt THANK YOU to Joey and Michael and Andrew and Skip and Drew and Mike and Chili and everyone, and more because I don’t have the list right yet of people who helped and who I need to add to my prayer list!  That will come when the final product is complete and I post about it.  Till then, the pictures!

The office downstairs
Another view
The Upstairs. 

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