“There’s a lot of stuff they never told us before joining this outfit.”

October, 2012, I think, when I first saw that quote.  It’s on a mug my friend SJ had on her desk, and I loved.  The quote is attributed to John Wayne.proxy.duckduckgo.com

I can’t drink out of mugs anymore, so I haven’t tried to find it.  But shout out to SJ, and let’s talk about this quote!

To start with, that is life, right?  We are born and it is a series of what the heck moments, hard knocks if we are lucky, embarrassing lessons if we aren’t, and then at the end of it all we hope we haven’t screwed up too much, for us and our kids.  Am I wrong?  The world is full of people telling you their way is best.  Myself included!  Heck it’s a Billion dollar industry, if not trillions.

All we can do is search for the truth, and try to live that way.  You all know I am Catholic and believe that to be the Truth, but my goodness, what they don’t tell you!  And I went to Catholic school!

Ok, that means nothing nowadays.

What does this have to do with anything?  Well, Reader-land, I’ll tell you.  Recently it’s become very easy to get saturated with negative news, especially regarding my church.  What is that, paederasty?  Abuse of women and seminarians?  What, the church needs to change its position on abortion?  Is some University too Catholic, or not Catholic enough?  Yeah, all of that.  And to top it all off, the head honcho is pushing out conflicting information, fake news.  It’s really upsetting me.crusade

So much so, actually, that Mel had to hold me back.  I was ready to go Full Templar and fight the next crusade.  Luckily, I’m blessed with a loving, very wise spouse.  Full Templar will wait.

But it brought to mind that quote, and the context it applies to, virtually everything.  It’s a piece of simple wisdom that can keep you grounded, because an implication of the quote is that we are flying by the seat of our pants, and stupidwe don’t have control.  Better hope you are wearing strong trousers, friend!  In that regard, John Wayne is a good role model, at least from his westerns.

Oh, and I still watch his westerns!

So what is the point, Joe?  Well, it’s that you can’t control everything, you can only control yourself.  When you find yourself fighting a person in Rome who doesn’t know and frankly doesn’t care that you exist, take a step back, focus on what you can control and those close to you that need you.  The next crusade will present itself soon enough, and if it is something you can control, Deus Vult.


2 thoughts on ““There’s a lot of stuff they never told us before joining this outfit.””

  1. As we said – I too was ready to take some heads off this week. But I had the facts wrong.


    Great take. Look at yourself (all of us) before Pontificating – HIM TOO!!


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