Snow day!

Ibingcn case you didn’t know it, NOVA got snow. And, since my family reminded me, today’s the last day of Christmas, therefore we had a White Christmas!  Bing Crosby eat your heart out!

I love weather, of all kinds.  Yeah I complain, but I want all four seasons, thanks.  My only problem now is tradition…

Eggs and bacon, a good full pipe, a garden at twilight, cakes….

As child, and teen, and early adult, snow was a time to play, get exhausted, then come inside and have hot chocolate.  As a father, however, it has been to watch the kids play, get exhausted, etc, while I shoveled and cleared the driveway and cars.  I even took to doing it, pipe in mouth, because nothing and I mean NOTHING, indicates manhood than knowing how to light and use a tobacco pipe.  My dad used to smoke them when I was young, and the scent still lingers in my life.  Love you, Dad.  Fathers, teach your sons about tobacco pipes.

Who are these handsome men, Reader-land?

But now I can’t shovel nor play, and my tobacco pipe broke.  And the ALS police frown on tobacco.  Mel doesn’t like it much either but loves and humors me.  But the ALS police are a different story.

Anyway, from participating to watching, and even though they were only out for a few minutes, I love seeing them have fun in the snow!

We don’t have boy gloves and boots small enough for him!
For some reason, Kate reminds me of Calvin

img_3826img_3825img_3818Don’t feel too bad for me.  Lively is a great companion in the snow!

Heah we have a rayah glimpse of the wild EV in her natural element!  Crikey!  Look at how confident she looks!
Normally all we would see are her distinctive tracks!

4 thoughts on “Snow day!”

  1. Tolkien and Lewis! I have a soft spot for pipe smoking especially and secondly cigars. I’d tolerate that smoke any day. The Oxford Movement or Inklings really had a strong pipe smoking circle. I love the snow, too. My Nicholas is a bit like you. He was up early, pulled up all the blinds, went outside for his routine of playing, eating, shoveling snow and back for hot chocolate. All by 9:00 am.


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